Connection Pointe Christian Church

High School


Road trips are awesome. The idea of grabbing your favorite snacks, planning the perfect playlist, and hitting the road just sounds like an adventure. Maybe that’s because new places are exciting, or maybe it’s the unexpected seems to happen on the road. Flat tires. Detours. Disappointingly awful gas stations. Life works a lot like that, too. We start with a plan in mind, but things happen along the way that change things. That’s when we have to decide to stick to the plan or change course. This was especially true for the apostle Paul. Paul set out on a series of road trips, and just like us, he experienced some surprising, even life-changing moments on the road. As we take a look at some key turning points on Paul’s road trips, we discover that maybe the best thing that can happen on our journey is a change of direction.

Join us this Sunday at 6 pm in the Student Center.