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    Small Groups Mission and Vision

    Refresher on what small groups at Connection Pointe are all about

    Icebreaker Tips and Strategies

    Creative ideas to help get your small group time started on the right foot

    Prayer Tips and Strategies

    Creative ideas to help rejuvenate your group’s prayer time

    Group Health Assessment

    Progress tracking tool to determine the overall health of your group

    Celebration Form

    Simple form to share your group’s success stories or wins

    Technology Tips and Tools

    Information and ways to leverage technology to enhance group discussions

    Childcare Information

    Information regarding childcare for small groups


    • Denise McCleese, Community Ministry Team Leader

      Denise McCleese

      Community Ministry Team Leader

      Loyal. Dedicated. Loves people. Wanted to be in the CIA or FBI in college. Her kids are in college, in middle school and in diapers. 

      317.852.2255 ext. 307
    • Summer Koonce, Adult Ministry Associate Director

      Summer Koonce

      Adult Ministry Associate Director

      Motivated. Creative. Has a lip gloss obsession. Kid taxi. Native Texan. Knows sign language. Loves football. Guinness World Record Holder.  

      317.852.2255 ext. 274
    • Monica Shelton, Adult Ministry Coordinator

      Monica Shelton

      Adult Ministry Coordinator

      Friendly. Organized. Wife to Matt. Mom to Mark & Mariah. Loves the details. Born in Hawaii. Has a degree in Recreation & Sports Management, but has never played a sport. 

      317.852.2255 ext. 326
    • Brandon Faust, Adult Ministry Team Leader

      Brandon Faust

      Adult Ministry Team Leader

      Driven. Fun. Loves connecting students. Soccer coach. University of Michigan fan. Working on his Masters of Divinity. 

      317.852.2255 ext. 293
    • Adam Lynch, Young Adults Director

      Adam Lynch

      Young Adults Director

      Fun. Very extroverted. Hunter. Michigan Football Fan. Loves to read. Knew the Duck Dynasty family before they were famous. 

      317.852.2255 ext. 341
    • Tony Hart, Adult Ministry Associate Director

      Tony Hart

      Adult Ministry Associate Director

      Caring. Hardworking. The Golden Girls is one of his all-time favorite shows. Likes to build things. On a quest to visit all 50 states.

      317.852.2255 ext. 238
    • Matt Curts, Adult Groups Director

      Matt Curts

      Adult Groups Director

      Father of Four. Analytical. Visionary. Married his high school sweet heart. Brownsburg native. Loves sweater vests. 

      317.852.2255 ext. 240