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Eliminate the 5 pm Dinner Chaos

How many nights a week do you end up eating out because you don’t know what to make for dinner? 

Here's a few tips to help you meal plan...

  • Write down what you will have for dinner each night and create a grocery list as you plan each meal. This will give you a realistic grocery list of things you actually need for the week. 
  • Post the plan on the fridge or another place everyone can see it. Having the list in a public place will eliminate the "What's for dinner?" question. 
  • Take advantage of online shopping and curbside pickup to keep your food budget on track and end impulse or “hangry” buys at the grocery store.
  • Don't be afraid to adjust the plan. If you get home from work later then expected and Tuesday's meal is faster than Monday's switch them. Make your plan work for you. 

Having a meal plan will help eliminate the 5 pm chaos of what’s for dinner and save you money each month!