Connection Pointe Christian Church

Connection Pointe Christian Church

Family Conference

Laugh with us and learn together as we hear God's plan for families, and be inspired that no matter how we may feel, God can use us to build healthier, stronger, more resilient and God honoring families. In this family conference, pastor Curt Harlow will incorporate laughter into his teachings to help moms and dads (and grandparents, too!) start right with toddlers, keep engaged with teenagers, and launch twenty-something's with a lasting faith.

Join us in-person or online on March 12-13, 2021 for Essential Strategies for Building Strong Families with Curt Harlow. Hosted at Connection Pointe on Friday night from 7-9pm and on Saturday morning from 9am-12pm, this weekend conference will deliver profound and practical answers for every parenting challenge that we are facing.


**Free childcare for those attending in person.
 Friday, March 12:  7 PM - 9 PM
Saturday, March 13:  9 AM - 12 PM




The bad news - our world is broken. Children are being asked to grow up too fast, young adults are delaying adulthood too long, homes are inundated with the influence of social media, marriages are having meltdowns, mental health problems are multiplying, and the culture is being deconstructed by division and disease. In these stormy times, is it even possible to build a strong family?

The good news - the book of Ephesians has profound and practical answers for every challenge that we are facing. Written at a time when the culture was in even more chaos, authentic faith was under even greater pressure and parenting was even more problematic. The Apostle Paul calls this first-century congregation to the foundational truths that can help any family weather any storm in any century.

This four-part series will look at Paul’s specific exhortations on how we should live worthy lives during difficult times. Curt will then take the timeless truths of the passages and use them to ask families helpful questions that will lead to practical applications. Expect specific advice on how to start right with toddlers, keep engaged with teenagers, and launch twenty-something with a lasting faith.

Session 1
What three questions lead to unity in a family?

Session 2
What three questions lead to maturity in a family?

Session 3
What three-question lead to health in a family?

Session 4
What three questions lead to greater happiness in a family?