Fitness Instructors

  • Jessica  Lien

    Jessica Lien

    Loves cats, dessert, and helping others. Can't live without family, church community, and caffeine.

  • Alice  Victor

    Alice Victor

    Can't live without chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Married her high school sweetheart who she had known since the 7th grade.

  • Kristie Carr

    Kristie Carr

    Spontaneous, adventurous, forgiving, peaceful, joyful, loves life! Can't live without her dogs.

  • Sherrill  McDaniel

    Sherrill McDaniel

    Nurse for 41 years and still counting. Helps take care of her mother-in-law. Can't live without Jesus and her sweet husband!

  • Vanessa Tietje

    Vanessa Tietje

    Family-oriented and loves animals. Believes everyone can participate and benefit from physical activity. 

  • Connie McConnell

    Connie McConnell

    Fitness enthusiast. Book lover. Loves to discover something new each day.

  • Paula Snyder

    Paula Snyder

    Likes to stay busy. Recently lost 60 pounds. Loves to share what she knows as it is a struggle to keep the weight off.

  • Butch Nichols

    Butch Nichols

    Loves the discipline of martial arts. Can't live without the Lord, family, and black coffee.

  • Charla Kern

    Charla Kern

    Wants to help people of all ages be healthy and active through fitness. Loves being outside digging in the dirt and planting flowers.

  • Emily Nichols

    Emily Nichols

    Fun, energetic, and loving. Wants to help people feel strong and accomplished via fitness. Obsessed with Justin Timberlake!

  • Beth Lintner

    Beth Lintner

    Friendly, introvert, and realist. Can't live without Jesus, coffee, Chapstick, and music. Has 7 siblings.

  • Carol Wuestefeld

    Carol Wuestefeld

    Accepting. Listener. Fun. Mom. Loves to make friends. Loves Christ. Spends free time with family and dogs.