Connection Pointe Christian Church

Connection Pointe Christian Church

Good Neighbor Grants

Good Neighbor Grants assist individuals, families and small groups in funding small scale ministry projects that demonstrate God's love and care to its community.


  • A men's small group identifies several at-risk families in our community that need house repairs. They work with the families to develop a plan of action. As they complete the repairs, they ask the families to learn and work with them in the repairs in their home. They pray with the families and invite them to church.

  • A student small group identifies a need in a public elementary school that many students are behind in reading. They develop a family reading night project at the school that includes both parents and students reading together. They offer refreshments and free books to be passed out to encourage relationship building with families and volunteers.


Ask for God to show you a physical, spiritual or social need in our community

Identify: Determine a project that will assist, encourage and meet a felt need in our community. It is good to include those that you are helping in the solution to the need.

Apply for Grant: Fill out Good Neighbor Grant application describing your project and grant request

Follow up: A Connection Pointe staff member will be available to assist you in getting started and coach you through the process

Individual Grant Application Small Group Grant Application