Connection Pointe Christian Church

Letters From Steve & Elders

Letter from Steve & Kristen

Hey, CP Family!

Kristen and I are away enjoying some R&R with each other, spending time with some of our siblings, and I am putting the final touches on my first, soon-to-be published book, Restored: Our Story (anticipating the book will be available for purchase in early 2018). To do it right, turning a Sermon Series into a book takes more time than I anticipated. However, I really am enjoying this project because most of it is about you, CP Family. I really appreciate your prayers as I finish this written part of Kristen’s and my legacy.

However, the primary reason for this note is to rejoice with the CP Family in the announcement made on October 28-29: The Elders have recommended, by consensus, that John S. Dickerson become the next Lead Pastor of Connection Pointe Christian Church! He will be speaking at all services on November 4th and 5th. The congregation will be asked to affirm the recommendation, that same weekend, at the end of each service. 

One of the things John and I have in common is that both of our names are the same as a well-known person. There is the TV Announcer, John Dickerson, who is better known as a reporter/researcher/communicator for CBS News. There is also the former movie star, Steve Reeves, who is best known for his role as Hercules. That is why I am referring to him as John S. Dickerson, even though he'd prefer you just call him John! However, John is nationally known as one the best writers of his generation and a defender of the Christian worldview to our "post truth" culture! (You can read about John's books here.)

More importantly, however, John has a Pastor's heart and feels called by God, and the Elders of CP, to move his family across the country from Los Gatos, California to Hendricks County, Indiana. John was born and raised in Michigan. His wife, Mel, was raised in Ohio. So, they plan to spend many years at Connection Pointe, as they "come home" to the Midwest and raise their three children in the Brownsburg area.

I do not want to "steal his thunder,” so let me just say this, John is a brilliant thinker, thorough researcher, and spot on analyzer of our culture, as a man called by God and committed to The Word of God.

Please join Kristen and me as we pray for and encourage John and Mel. Additionally, we are looking forward to cultivating a rich relationship with John and Mel in the coming months, and seeing how the Lord will equip the CP Family and reach the unchurched, through John's spiritual gift of teaching. We will also be praying for Jack, Zoey, and Evie, along with their dad and mom, as they become “ALL IN" with God's vision for the CP Family!

Love you!

Steve & Kristen

Letter from Elders


Dear Connection Pointe Family –

We, the Elders, have affirmed John Dickerson as the next lead pastor of Connection Pointe. It is clear that God has called John and his family to Connection Pointe. John and his wife, Mel, are from the Midwest and had been praying about returning to the region – specifically to Indianapolis. We believe God orchestrated the search process and we simply followed His lead. 

John is a gifted teacher, writer, and communicator of God’s word. He has recently been serving as teaching pastor at Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, California. John has a passion to make God’s word come alive to today’s generation and to communicate His love for them. He is a humble, authentic man of God, whose desire is for Connection Pointe to be a diverse, multi-generational church that reflects God’s kingdom.

God has once again exceeded our expectations! His vision for Connection Pointe has always been greater than ours.

We truly believe the best is yet to come, and are excited to see where God guides the ministry of Connection Pointe under John’s leadership.

The Connection Pointe Elders