Connection Pointe Christian Church


Thank you for expressing interest in having a wedding ceremony at Connection Pointe. We would love to help as you start this new journey! Here are some details you’ll need to know:

  • Bride and Groom must agree to premarital counseling.
  • On campus weddings must be officiated by one of our ministers.
  • Saturday on campus weddings must begin no later than 2 pm.
  • Bride and Groom must agree to use our wedding coordinator for any wedding officiated by a Connection Pointe minister, on or off campus.
  • Both members and non-members alike may request to have a wedding at Connection Pointe.

Ready to find out more? Submit the Wedding Request Form and read the FAQ section below.


Can anyone use the Pointe for their wedding at Connection Pointe?

Both members and non-members may request The Pointe.

What are the specific requirements to be married at CPCC or by a CPCC pastor?

Bride and Groom must agree to premarital counseling. Bride and Groom must also agree to utilize our wedding coordinator, both on campus or at another location, when having a CPCC pastor officiate your wedding.

When is CPCC’s Pointe available for a wedding?

Friday evenings or Saturdays, service must be completed by 3 pm.

What is the Pointe's capacity?

The Chapel can accommodate up to 500 guests.

When are the rehearsals held?

Rehearsals are held the day before the wedding, usually at 5:30 pm and last for 1 hour.

Do you allow receptions?

Due to CPCC’s campus activities, only wedding ceremonies can be held.

Can we choose the pastor we want to officiate at our wedding?

Katie Scott can assist you in scheduling the pastor of your choice. Please feel free to call her at 317.852.2255, x263 or email  

How far in advance should I schedule my wedding?

Request for January, February, June, July, November or December can be approved a year in advance. Any other months will be revised and/or approved September of the current year. 




  • Non-member Fees: $925 (Includes $150 refundable damage deposit).

Included in Non-member Fees: Premarital Counseling, Pointe, Pastor Honorarium, Wedding Coordinator, Sound/Media Technician and Refundable Damage Deposit


  • Member Fees: $575 (Includes $150 refundable damage deposit).

  • Included in Member Fees: Premarital Counseling, Wedding Coordinator, Sound/Media Technician and Refundable Damage Deposit
  • *Pointe Fee is waived for CPCC members

  • *CPCC members determine Pastor Honorarium fee

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  • $475, Premarital Counseling, Wedding Coordinator, Pastor Honorarium


  • $325, Premarital Counseling, Wedding Coordinator
  • *CPCC Member determines the Pastor Honorarium fee
Connection Pointe only facilitates or hosts weddings that it determines to be in keeping with its ancient Christian beliefs. Such weddings are a religious expression of the Christian faith as held by the church. Connection Pointe is not a public service wedding facility or a for-profit wedding venue; it is a religious institution that only performs religious ceremonies and as such reserves the right to decline hosting or facilitating any events which do not align with Connection Pointe’s religious mission or beliefs, as protected By the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.