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  • Now What?

    Now What?

    One of the hardest parts of dealing with loss is the change in your normal routine. Not knowing what to do after losing a part of you is so foreign. Although it happens to all of us in different ways, it’s difficult because we don’t know how to move forward. We’re left asking ourselves “NOW WHAT?”

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  • 5 Fun Things to Do This Christmas Season

    5 Fun Things to Do This Christmas Season

    Everyone has memories of their favorite Christmas traditions from childhood. Are you looking to start new traditions and make memories with your own family? Check out these five family-friendly events.

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  • Ministry Highlight: Young Adults

    Ministry Highlight: Young Adults

    We love young adults. We love college students, young professionals, non-believers and everyone in between. Our mission at The Net is to connect these young adults to Jesus, create a trustworthy community and multiply disciple-makers.

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  • Going Deeper. All In for Spiritual Growth.

    Going Deeper. All In for Spiritual Growth.

    Having information versus knowing how to use it really are two different things. When it comes to following Christ the same truth is evident everywhere. As we talk about going deeper in our faith, becoming more spiritually mature and living an “all in” life here at Connection Pointe, it’s important that we allow ourselves to be reminded often that any information we gain in Christ must also transform our hearts in order for it to matter at all.

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  • Ministry Highlight: Adults

    Ministry Highlight: Adults

    When we are in community with other believers, we care for each other’s needs, share our lives, trust and obey God’s commands and gather together. We simply love one another. Small groups are a way for us to be the Church and we are all part of a movement to love others that don’t know Him.

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  • Ministry Highlight: Community Impact

    Ministry Highlight: Community Impact

    Community Impact is committed to investing in the lives of others by developing relationships and connecting with those in our community. Through our partnerships in Brownsburg and Indianapolis, our volunteers have developed relationships that have changed the lives of not only those being served, but also those serving.

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  • Ministry Highlight: Kids

    Ministry Highlight: Kids

    We value kids. Connection Pointe strives to engage and lead kids to know that God made them, loves them and wants to have a relationship with them. We have been strategically positioned to influence kids and influence those who influence kids. As we connect kids to Jesus and each other, we commit these things to your family:

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  • The Best is Yet to Come

    The Best is Yet to Come

    During this season as we wait expectantly on the Lord to bring our next Lead Pastor we are inviting each of you to unite daily in prayer around Ephesians 4:16. At 4:16 am or pm every day of October we invite you to pause and pray for the future of CP, that from him the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament (each of you), grows and builds itself up (reaching more people than ever before) in love, as each part does it work. 

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  • Crossing the Finish Line

    Crossing the Finish Line

    So … As I sign off as your pastor, I summarize these words for your future and mine: “Don’t give up too soon. Don’t relax before you cross the finish line. Don’t stay down if you fall. Get back up, refocus your attention on the Champion who initiates and perfects our faith, and finish the race!”

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