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  • Who is Jephthah?

    Who is Jephthah?

    We have been studying about some people in the Old Testament who had effective leadership skills, but they also had glaring weaknesses. The BIG IDEA of the series is this: If God can use them, He can even use you and me!

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  • Have You Hugged a Graduate Today?

    Have You Hugged a Graduate Today?

    While we read that 50% of students disengage from their faith after they leave home, let's commit to praying for those graduating, as a church family ... that they would know why they believe, what they believe and how to live it out.

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  • Staff Interview: Craig Hanson

    Get to know Craig Hanson, Executive Pastor of Operations, in this month's staff interview!

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  • What to Expect from the Global Leadership Summit

    What to Expect from the Global Leadership Summit

    The Global Leadership Summit is an opportunity to grow and be challenged by a group of world-class communicators. Here are three other things you can expect to gain from attending the Summit.

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  • Are You a "She-Roe?"

    Are You a "She-Roe?"

    Deborah is the only female judge mentioned in Scripture. What was it about her faith that got God's attention to such a degree, that He appointed her to be a judge ... a SHE-ROE? Connection Pointe has many women, also known for their wisdom, influence and insight, that we look forward to recognizing this weekend!

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  • Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

    Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

    Today, remember that you are on a path that He made uniquely for you. Shake off the lies of insecurity and take God at His word about who you are. Fix your eyes on Him alone.

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  • People Restored!

    People Restored!

    Throughout the Bible, there are stories of very unlikely heroes. They all had a circle of influence, just like we do. They all had to trust God to use them where they were, just like we do.

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  • Weekend Experience Playlist

    Weekend Experience Playlist

    Can't wait for next weekend and to sing along with your favorite worship song? Don't worry. We've updated our Weekend Experience playlist with some of the songs we sing together as a church family.

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  • Answered Prayer

    Answered Prayer

    If our prayers are answered, it has nothing to do with our using the right words, doing good works or the priority of the need. God answers prayer because He wants to and He is capable.

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