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  • Restored Respect

    Restored Respect

    As we revere God and strive to honor others daily, take a listen to this story from our Connection Pointe family on "Restored Respect."

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  • The Future of the Church

    The Future of the Church

    Generally, our culture no longer holds to biblical beliefs. So ... What kind of leadership does the church need in this post-Christian culture?

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  • Is Facebook Replacing Church?

    Is Facebook Replacing Church?

    While people used to find community and accountability within the home and church, today, many are looking for meaning, purpose and community outside of the church.

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  • God

    God's Plan of Submission

    As we prepare to study about Restored Families, from Ephesians 5, this weekend, here are some prayers that will bless your family and home.

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  • September Weekend Schedule

    September Weekend Schedule

    With many questions regarding our timeline this fall, and what's next for us as a church family, here's the September weekend schedule.

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  • Wise-Humility


    Is it really possible to grow in wisdom and cultivate humility at the same time? Here are some practical ways to become more humble, even while you become smarter and wiser.

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  • Project Classroom 2017 Celebration

    Project Classroom 2017 Celebration

    This summer, the Connection Pointe family helped the Clarence Farrington teachers and staff prepare for the school year, by providing some of their top needs. Thanks to you, over 600 items were donated, and 60 teachers received supplies. Take a look at the celebration when they received their gifts.

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  • My Last Baptism Weekend

    My Last Baptism Weekend

    Bob Russell, who spoke at Connection Pointe in June, shares these words on baptism by immersion.

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  • Do Christians Ever Face Doubt?

    Do Christians Ever Face Doubt?

    According to the latest research by The Barna Group, "... MOST Christians have at some point experienced a time of spiritual doubt." Barna also revealed the most common responses to doubt and where Christians turn to make it through with their faith intact.

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