Connection Pointe Christian Church

Community Impact

Ongoing Opportunities 

Good Neighbor Grants

Good Neighbor Grants assist individuals, families and small groups in funding small scale ministry projects that demonstrate God's love and care to its community.

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Clarence Farrington University

Clarence Farrington University is a learning opportunity for both parents and children that includes ESL, reading literacy, parenting classes, and social organization partners. More information coming soon! Please email Corinne Gregory at  if you would like to be updated when more information becomes available.

Food Service

There are many opportunities to get involved at Connection Pointe by volunteering in Food Service. Our Food Service team takes care of a wide variety of events for all of the the Connection Pointe ministries. To find out more about these opportunities and ways you can help serve, please contact Julie Kirtley at

Adopt-A-College Student

The Adopt-A-College Student program is currently closed for the 2016/2017 school year. Thank you to all those who are currently participating in this program! Please check back in the fall for more information on becoming involved.


  • Buddy Faulkner, Community Impact Director

    Buddy Faulkner

    Community Impact Director

    Passionate about serving our community. Reformed people pleaser. Avid reader. Loves traveling overseas and cooking. 

    317.852.2255 ext. 287
  • Julie Kirtley, Project Manager/Food Services Director

    Julie Kirtley

    Project Manager/Food Services Director

    Heart for elderly. Stage manager. Connection Pointe born and bred. Former choir director. 

    317.852.2255 ext.339
  • Zan Lyons, Project Manager

    Zan Lyons

    Project Manager

    Broken yet redeemed. Foodie. Loves the old crooners.  Rehabbing an old camper named Francie.  Grandma name: Nana.  Coffee dark & black.  

    317.852.2255 ext. 247
  • Sara Blythe, Community Impact Coordinator

    Sara Blythe

    Community Impact Coordinator

    Organized creative. Former barista. Aspiring minimalist. Detail oriented. List maker. Loves to read about art theory. Baker. Can't live without her iced coffee, starburst jelly beans and Sunday afternoon naps. 

    852.2255 ext. 230
  • Michelle Jackson, Project Manager

    Michelle Jackson

    Project Manager

    Wears her heart on her sleeve. Kind. Sincere. Loves people. Can't live without Jesus and popcorn. Country music lover. Afraid of heights. In her spare time you can find her shopping or spending time with her grandloves, family and friends. 

    852.2255 ext. 264
  • Corinne  Gregory , Community Impact Assistant

    Corinne Gregory

    Community Impact Assistant

    Creative. Passionate. Brunch enthusiast. Social media guru. Loves to sing and bake. Cannot live without books, liquid eyeliner or dogs. Terrified of sloths and moths. Will try and outdo you on any craft project.

    317.852.2255 ext. 275