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While we read that 50% of students disengage from their faith after they leave home, let's commit to praying for those graduating, as a church family ... that they would know why they believe, what they believe and how to live it out.


Have You Hugged a Graduate Today?

Steve Reeves

Steve Reeves | Lead Pastor at Connection Pointe

This weekend, we will recognize the very special Connection Pointe seniors graduating high school. We are sending some very fine men and women into this next season of their lives. While we are seeing high school students and millennials who love Jesus, approximately 50% of students disengage from their faith after they leave home. So says Jonathan Morrow, author of the book, Welcome to College: A Christ-Follower’s Guide for the Journey.

From his May 2, 2017 blog, I adopt his point: “There are three basic kinds of students that leave Christianity after high school. 

  1. The Christian Relativist

A student who grew up in church observes friends and other Christians saying one thing, but living another. NOT wanting to be judgmental or intolerant, they become private with their faith, and Christianity loses its power.

  1. The Drifter

Growing up in a Christian home, over time, this student starts to have questions and doubts about faith: Is God real? Do science and evolution disprove God? How do I know God loves me? If God is so powerful, why is there evil and suffering in the world? I have gay friends; does God love them?

Unfortunately, many ‘spiritual’ Christians do not allow this student to ask questions … So, the student ‘outgrows’ their faith.  They may pretend to believe, but, after college, no more pretending. ‘I’m out!’

  1. The Unconvinced

Raised in church, they search for answers, but ‘Christians don’t ask these questions,’ so the student withdraws from the church.  Sometimes a crisis of faith occurs with a loss, rejection, family dysfunction or another catalytic event.

  1. Ownership

There is no growth without challenge, so some students face challenges to their faith, but their faith becomes ‘first hand.’ They become convinced that Christianity is true. They know why they believe, what they believe and how to live it out.”

This weekend, we are fortunate to have Dave Faust as our speaker. Dave recently was President of Cincinnati Christian University, but just became a part-time Connection Pointe staff member, as a consultant to our expanding Culture of Care Ministry. He will continue our series with the message, “Samuel: The Mentor.” Don’t miss it!