Connection Pointe Christian Church

Here's an updated schedule for sermon series this summer, as well as Pastor Steve's plans between now and his final weekend as Lead Pastor of Connection Pointe, in September.


Pastoral Succesion

Steve Reeves

Steve Reeves | Lead Pastor at Connection Pointe

Connection Pointe family, you are in for a treat! Starting this weekend, through July 22 & 23, I have asked five seasoned, nationally recognized, gifted speakers and leaders to teach on five examples of "Pastoral Succession," recorded in Scripture. For the first time in 31 years, the Connection Pointe family will experience a Lead Pastor Succession.  

This is a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY! Thousands of lives will be impacted for Christ and the "passing of the baton" will be an integral part of connecting people to Jesus and each other. We have been in contact with some of the best church leaders in America. WE WILL NOT SETTLE for less than God's best for the Connection Pointe family! We are hopeful that we can make that announcement, no later than the last quarter of 2017, but we also are prepared to continue, all effective ministries at the highest level... even if it takes another year.

I have asked Dr. Dave Faust, our Staff Consultant and former Lead Pastor of a church our size, to oversee our preaching and teaching schedule after my last weekend, until our new Lead Pastor is on board. I can assure you that “fresh bread” will be delivered EVERY WEEKEND. We have a responsibility before God, to feed His people, His Word, until we all sit at the feet of the ONLY HEAD of the Church … the Lord Jesus Christ, in heaven!

Here is the schedule for our next series, Pastoral Succession RESTORED, which starts this weekend.

June 24 & 25

Solomon: Finishing Well

Bob Russell

July 1 & 2

From Moses to Joshua

Dave Faust

July 8 & 9

From Elijah to Elisha

Tim Wallingford

July 15 & 16

From Jesus to the Apostles

Clarence Moore

July 22 & 23

From Paul to Timothy

Dave Faust

WHAT ARE MY PLANS, BETWEEN NOW AND SEPTEMBER 23 & 24? In July, I plan to write my last sermon series for CP: RESTORED! The Connection Pointe Story. We will edit it into a book in August, which will be published and available this fall. I will share this teaching, based on the New Testament book of Ephesians, July 29 & 30 through September 16 & 17. Our Farewell Weekend, my last weekend as Lead Pastor of Connection Pointe, will be September 23 & 24.

Please mark and/or adjust your calendars, if possible, to be here every week as we celebrate the joy of serving Him together 'til Jesus returns! And remember: THE BEST IS YET TO COME!!!