Connection Pointe Christian Church

Child Sponsorship

1+1: Child Sponsorship 

The 1 + 1 initiative is that for every child that attends Kid City, we would like to have a child sponsored in another country by a Connection Pointe member. 

Here are some things to consider in sponsoring a child:

  • Sponsoring a child allows us to participate in God’s Kingdom work in another part of the world.
  • It brings hope, encouragement and a relationship to a child who may not have much to look forward to in this world.
  • Being noticed by a sponsor, receiving letters, and having the support needed to attend school, receive basic living necessities (food, water, medical) and spiritual teaching becomes a new framework for a child to build their future story.
  • It establishes a relationship that both child and sponsor enjoy.
  • It teaches us to look beyond our own needs to the needs of others.