Connection Pointe Christian Church

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Date May 20 - 21

Room May 20: Host's house | May 21: Student Center

Coordinator Shari Eisenman

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Double Dog Dare-A-Thon

An event designed to encourage middle school students to bring a friend/friends to church.

  1. Invite your friends to spend the night on Saturday, May 20
  2. Register your team
  3. Buy materials on the supply list
  4. Complete dares (Dares will be released at 6 pm on Saturday, May 20)
  5. Take a picture of completed dares and upload to the double Dare-A-Thon website.
  6. Come as a team to the 9:15 am service on Sunday for an award ceremony and celebration.

Check out the Double Dog Dare-A-Thon webpage