Fitness Classes

*All classes included with Annual Membership except Zumba. Guest Pass is $3.00 (cash only)

Barre Blend

This class combines barre-style exercises to trim the lower body with light hand weights for upper body toning and core training with mat Pilates. 

Fit and Flex

This class is designed to focus on improving balance, flexibility and strength. Weights, bands, stability balls and body weight exercises are incorporated.

Fit and Flex Plus

This class is designed to focus on improving cardiovascular endurance, balance and strength. A variety of equipment and body weight exercises are incorporated. Modifications are given whenever possible.


Hit the ground running with this HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) class! This intense, cardio-based class will test your strength and endurance while challenging you mentally and physically. Participants are challenged to push to their limits and walk out feeling strong! 

Kardio Kickboxing

This class combines basic boxing, kickboxing and traditional martial arts techniques into a music-based moderate to high-intensity workout. Designed to support basic defensive and offensive fundamental movements; promoting cardio fitness, core strength and flexibility.

Line Dancing

It's a great exercise--both physical and mental. Workout and have fun at the same time! A shoe that has a leather sole is better than a tennis shoe.

***Line Dancing will return again in April 2020


An interactive class designed for moms of all ages. Includes walking/running intervals combined with instructor-led strengthening exercises. Kids and strollers are welcome!

Pilates Fusion

This class is a full body training that strengthens, tightens and tones the entire body using Pilates, weights and the stability ball.


REFIT is a fitness experience. We’re not your typical cardio dance class…we’re so much more. Cardio. Toning. Flexibility. REFIT targets the whole person body + mind + soul.


A class for all ages who want to improve strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and relaxation resulting in relief of stress and tension.


Zumba fuses hypnotic musical rhythms and tantalizing moves to create a dynamic workout system designed to be FUN and EASY TO DO!