CPCC Volleyball has a 7-week regular season followed by a 2-week, single-elimination tournament. All leagues are co-ed, ages 18+.

A ratio of 3:1 males: females is required on the court of play. Leagues are divided by skill level as follows: A (competitive), B (intermediate), and C (recreational). 

Volleyball Spring 2020

Competitive A League – 8 Teams

Intermediate B League – 8 Teams * B LEAGUE IS FULL AS OF 2/19

League Dates: April 9th  – May 28th  

Cost: $350 per team

Registration: February 7th – March 25th or  until full

Thursday Nights Game Times: 6:30 / 7:30 / 8:30 / 9:30 *Double Header Games


A League –  A "Competitive" team knows all the skills extremely well but cannot always execute the super-high level plays extremely effectively all the time. "Competitive" teams can run combination plays in a basic way if passes are good. That includes hitting effectively from right side, middle or left side and back-row hitting. A “Competitive” player has elite high school, club, or college experience.

B League - An "Intermediate" team knows where to be on the court when plays are developing. The team knows where to be when the opponent is hitting. An "Intermediate" team knows how to approach hitting effectively. The team consistently will bump and pass balls to set up for the spike. An “Intermediate” player may have played high school volleyball. They know about lifts/doubles, the footwork of and how to approach hitting effectively along with solid knowledge of the game and rules.


You can also register as a Free Agent by clicking here.