About John

John and Melanie Dickerson have been married for 15 years and have three school-aged children. They have a passion for connecting people of all ages to Jesus so they can experience God's best.


A former journalist and skeptic, John has documented his journey to faith in the book Jesus Skeptic: a Journalist Explores the Credibility and Impact of Christianity.


You'll often hear him say, "In our church, Christ is the Head, His Word is our Guide, and His Spirit is our Power." That means we keep Jesus the main thing, look to the Bible as our textbook, and aim to be a movement where God's Spirit works with power in each of our lives. 


John has an urgency to lead Connection Pointe in three specific callings: 

-multiplying Christians around central Indiana, 

-raising our students and kids to become tomorrow's Christ-centered leaders, and 

-amplifying Jesus online & globally.


John's prayer is to see Jesus do a once-in-a-generation work among us as we reach new believers and activate all believers so that our lives attach to the greatest movement in history—Jesus' movement. 


He thrives on studying Scripture, connecting it to modern culture, and communicating it in a way that connects with all generations. He values the authority of Scripture, the unity of the body, the value of loving people, and the vision to reach all generations for Christ. 


John aims to be a Christ-like servant-leader, highly valuing the Word of God and sensitively speaking the language of the culture. Before coming to Connection Pointe, John studied at Phoenix Seminary in Arizona and worked as a Teaching Pastor at Venture Christian Church in Los Gatos, California.


Some of John's other books include Jesus Loves Me (2021), The Great Evangelical Recession (2013), I Am Strong (2015), and Hope of Nations (2018).


You'll find John reading Car and Driver, working on his car, playing with his kids, or walking the dogs with Mel when he's not working.


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