Mission & Beliefs

Our Mission

Connecting people to Jesus and each other.

We believe God made you and loves you, and we exist to help you experience Him in your life.

Our Vision

God is alive and working powerfully at Connection Pointe. We see Him changing lives and families as we keep Jesus the main thing. Here are the three pillars of our vision: 

Raise Our Sons and Daughters for Christ

The next generation—our kids and students—is our vision's centerpiece. We have gone all-in to help them find their identity in Christ and to create environments where they experience unconditional love in the church. We are giving our lives, fortunes, and prayers so that our kids will live in spiritual freedom, follow God's Word, and outdo us in changing the world for Jesus. 

Maximize and Multiply Jesus Followers

Jesus commanded believers to "go and make disciples," or followers. We connect people to Jesus at our physical gatherings so they can grow in God and then help others experience the new life of Christ. As our existing campuses grow with healthy believers, we ask God to spread His work to additional communities where people need Jesus. 

Amplify Jesus Online and Globally.

We're constantly creating new and better tools to help you follow Jesus on your phone and in your daily life. We also support global missions generously, sending out more than a dozen trips each year to help our 26 missionaries around the world. Click here to go on one. Learn more here.

Our Beliefs

We believe Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. In other words, He is everything you need and seek.

We desire to help you experience Jesus' freedom, joy, and life no matter your background or present beliefs.

Jesus claimed to be the one true God and that the Scriptures are God's Word. This is why we often say:
"In our church,
Christ (Jesus) is the Head,
His Word (the Bible) is our Guide,
His Spirit is our Power."

Put another way. We're not following a personality; we're following a person: Jesus. The Bible is the standard for everything we do and believe, leading us to lives of freedom. God's Spirit is the power that changes lives, reaches the lost, and transforms the reached.

To understand the essential Christian beliefs, check out our short series, Jesus Loves Me: Christian Essentials for the Head and the Heart. You might be surprised how simple and life-changing Jesus' words are.

To see more about our statement of faith and beliefs, click here.

Our History

Connection Pointe was founded in 1837. The first congregation met in homes around Brownsburg and eventually in the town’s first schoolhouse. In the next 100 years the church would not only grow through many building projects, but also in its outreach to the community and world. 

In 1975 the church completed a new building in the center of Brownsburg (where the current town hall is today). In 1986, Pastor Steve Reeves became the 35th Senior Pastor. Under his leadership the church experienced consistent growth, from a congregation of 250 to more than 4,000. 

The church relocated to its current location in 2001. Brownsburg Christian Church became Connection Pointe Christian Church in 2006, representing our mission to connect people to Jesus and each other. 

In November of 2017 John Dickerson was welcomed as the 36th Lead Pastor of Connection Pointe. Since then God has blessed Connection Pointe with continued growth. 

Connection Pointe is a unique, multi-generational church with an extraordinary vision for the future, over 4,000 people attending weekend services.


We believe the Bible teaches that baptism is a demonstration that you have accepted God's grace by putting faith in Jesus Christ. As soon as you acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior, baptism by immersion is the next step to show your obedience to Him. Find out more about baptism here