• John Dickerson, Lead Pastor

    John Dickerson

    Lead Pastor

    Meet the Pastor

  • Mike Temm, Director of Operations

    Mike Temm

    Director of Operations

    Coffee and cookie addict. Loves combining technology and art each weekend. Recreational photographer.

  • Denise McCleese, Director of Strategy and Engagement

    Denise McCleese

    Director of Strategy and Engagement

    Loyal. Dedicated. Loves people and golf.  Used to want to be in the FBI

  • Dan Lidstone, Creative Arts Pastor

    Dan Lidstone

    Creative Arts Pastor

    Tall. American. Married way above level. Loves La Croix and tacos. Skilled badminton player.

  • Neil Hinders, Campus Pastor

    Neil Hinders

    Campus Pastor

    Husband, Father, Adventurer, Visionary, Developer, Encourager

  • Marcia Baker, Executive Assistant

    Marcia Baker

    Executive Assistant
  • Beth Hopkins

    Beth Hopkins

    Cheerleader of life. Can’t live without lipstick. Crashed a wedding in Vietnam.

  • Jim Littlejohn

    Jim Littlejohn

    Curious. Addicted to hope. Husband to Marianne.  Fished on the Amazon River.

  • Tim Thompson

    Tim Thompson

    Friend. Encourager. Loves to fish, read, and shoot professional fireworks.

  • Denise Funkhouser

    Denise Funkhouser

    Thoughtful. Funny. Can't live without Iced Chai Tea Lattes and live music. 

  • Care Team

    Care Team

  • Dave Wohlenhaus

    Dave Wohlenhaus

    Organized. Avid disc golfer. Tuba player. Father of 3 daughters. 

  • Amy Terhune

    Amy Terhune

    Loyal. Reserved. Organized. Family oriented. Golf-enthusiast. Mother of two. Purdue University Grad.

  • Brenda Richardson

    Brenda Richardson

    Loves kids and families. Silly. Relational. Helen Keller's 4th cousin.

  • Heather Frazier

    Heather Frazier

    Extroverted-introvert. Mother of two. Football crazed. Chapstick addict.

  • Kennedy  Krauss

    Kennedy Krauss

    Fun loving. Energetic. People person. Loves adventuring, shopping, tacos, coffee and HGTV.

  • Melissa Melendez

    Melissa Melendez

    Quiet. Mom of boys. Appreciates the small things. Former drummer.

  • Shirlene Skaggs

    Shirlene Skaggs

    Joyful spirit. Wife and mom of 4. Loves avocados and big mugs.

  • Mark Notter

    Mark Notter

    Fun-loving. Curious. Loves YouTube tutorials. Father of 3 Daughters. Was a Price Is Right Contestant.

  • Sarah Arkanoff

    Sarah Arkanoff

  • Childrens Team
  • Chris Fowler

    Chris Fowler

    Compassionate. Husband. Father. Ice cream and dad joke enthusiast.

  • Carolyn Hanson,

    Carolyn Hanson

    Researcher. Librarian. Social. Wife of Craig. Grandmother. Has a dog named Stuart Little.

  • Connie McConnell

    Connie McConnell

    Fitness enthusiast. Book lover. Wife. Mom. Love to discover something new everyday.

  • Dawn Shedrow

    Dawn Shedrow

  • Aaron Williams

    Aaron Williams

    Husband & Father. Leader. Smash Bros Ace. Can’t live without tea. Had an afro in middle school. Now has no hair.

  • Chris O

    Chris O'Neal

    Father of 4 girls. Can't live without coffee. Has met most of the cast of The Office.

  • Erik Thein

    Erik Thein

    Storyteller. Pug Father. Avid Writer. Coffee Enthusiast. 

  • Audrey Musal

    Audrey Musal

    Optimistic. Organized. Driven. Can't live without sushi. Loves to rock climb.

Facilities & Operations
  • Curtis Dean

    Curtis Dean

    Retired Fire Chief. Met his wife Anita in youth group. Grandpa to 6.

  • Dave Newton

    Dave Newton

    Handyman. Husband. Grandfather. Has seven siblings and two brothers named Jerry. Can't live without Mountain Dew. 

  • Greg Calhoon

    Greg Calhoon

    Happy, Happy, Happy. Dad to 4 little ones. Handyman. Proud soccer dad.

  • Tim Holt, Building and Grounds Supervisor

    Tim Holt

    Building and Grounds Supervisor

    Enthusiastic. Caring. Loves motor sports & camping. Frequently says "Make it look pretty".

  • Tyler Lee

    Tyler Lee

    Husband. Father. Hardworking. Family oriented. Jack of all trades. Played college basketball at Tri-State University.

Finance & HR
  • Brad Deardorff

    Brad Deardorff

    Husband to Christee. Father of 4. Chicago Cubs fan. Heart for adoption. 

  • Sandy Gallatin

    Sandy Gallatin

    Loves spending time with her grandkids. Enjoys hiking and biking.

  • Cindy Krauss

    Cindy Krauss

    Grateful. Proud Mom. Happy Wife. Loves supporting the team.

  • Christina Jansons

    Christina Jansons

    Extroverted-introvert. Kind hearted mom of 2. Hula Dancer.

  • Sarah Brinson

    Sarah Brinson

    Wife and Mom of 2 amazing children! Softball lover. Nacho connoisseur. 

  • Human Resources Team

    Human Resources Team

  • Teddy  Haubner

    Teddy Haubner

  • Joshua Pezold

    Joshua Pezold

  • Lisa Smith

    Lisa Smith

    Organized. Calm and collected. Enjoys good coffee, reality TV and serving in the mission field.

  • Outreach Team

    Outreach Team

  • Jenn Storey

    Jenn Storey

    Wife. Mama. Design enthusiast. Loves long walks on the beach.

  • Ann Abbott

    Ann Abbott

    Former accountant and registered nurse. She and her husband were the first people married in our current building.

  • Valerie Enders

    Valerie Enders

    Creative. Animal Lover. Chocolate milk Enthusiast. Member of the Save the Manatee Club.

Production & Technology
  • Michael Montanari

    Michael Montanari

    Husband. Father. Nerd. Lives off of Coffee and Hot Sauce.

  • Scott Boers

    Scott Boers

    Climber. Record collector. Husband. Father. Once had dreadlocks. Has the lego movie entirely memorized. 

  • Brandon Rees

    Brandon Rees

    Spontaneous. Visionary. Picky Eater. Model train builder. Can't live without dogs and black clothes.

  • Jess Jones

    Jess Jones

  • Alexander Lehman

    Alexander Lehman

  • Audrey Williams

    Audrey Williams

  • Dan Coughlin

    Dan Coughlin

    Husband. Dad. Explorer. Learner. Once chased by an otter.

  • Jenny Bates

    Jenny Bates

    Peppy. Energetic. Lifetime Learner. Outdoor Enthusiast. Voracious reader-over 52 books a year.

  • Garrett Ruhmann

    Garrett Ruhmann

    Father. Husband. Comic Book nerd. Was on the cover of Turtle Magazine as a child.

  • Steve Steiner

    Steve Steiner

Small Groups and Adults
  • Craig  Knisley

    Craig Knisley

    Family man. Coach. Traveler.

  • Tom  Evans

    Tom Evans

  • Jennifer Carbone

    Jennifer Carbone

    Goofy. Loves traveling and gardening. Can't live without family, laughter, and cats. 

  • Jenny Young

    Jenny Young

    Adventurous. Antique shopper. Loves strawberries and good conversation. Has heart for Uganda.

  • Wendy Wittl

    Wendy Wittl

    Invested. Innovative. Mom. Passionate about families. Pinterest Enthusiast. Chorizo-Maker. Loves to entertain.

  • Monica Shelton

    Monica Shelton

    Organized. Wife. Mother. Has degree in Recreation & Sports Management, never played a sport. 

  • Julie Kirtley

    Julie Kirtley

    Heart for elderly. Stage manager. Connection Pointe born and bred. Former choir director. 

  • Sarah Zimmerman

    Sarah Zimmerman

  • Small Groups
Sports & Fitness
  • Christie Wickline

    Christie Wickline

    Caring. Analytical. Can't live without chocolate. Loves combining Christ and fitness. 

  • Sports & Fitness Team

    Sports & Fitness Team

  • Mark Notter

    Mark Notter

    Fun-loving. Curious. Loves YouTube tutorials. Father of 3 Daughters. Was a Price Is Right Contestant.

  • Tony Rogatto

    Tony Rogatto

    Adaptable. Can't live without The Office, a vacuum and a good book. 

  • Sean  McCloskey

    Sean McCloskey

    Adventurous. Father. Husband. Loves a good pizza. Once ate a deep fried Tarantula.

  • Valerie Sipe

    Valerie Sipe

    Wife to Preston. Ice cream maker. Painter. Has a Masters in Museum Studies.

  • Students Team
  • Dan Lidstone, Creative Arts Pastor

    Dan Lidstone

    Creative Arts Pastor

    Tall. American. Married way above level. Loves La Croix and tacos. Skilled badminton player.

  • Ross Brown

    Ross Brown

    Music nerd husband. Dog owner. Nachos. Chocolate Milk.

  • Bri Petrovich

    Bri Petrovich

    Artistic. Extroverted-introvert. Wife. Succulent mom.