Connection Pointe Christian Church

Connection Pointe Christian Church


  • John Dickerson, Lead Pastor

    John Dickerson

    Lead Pastor

    Meet the Pastor

  • Greg Moore, Executive Pastor

    Greg Moore

    Executive Pastor

    Husband. Grandfather. Discipler. Runner. Traveller. Caffeine-lover. Worked in a candy plant.

    317.852.2255 ext. 271
  • Dan Lidstone, Creative Arts Pastor

    Dan Lidstone

    Creative Arts Pastor

    Tall. American. Married way above level. Loves La Croix and tacos. Skilled badminton player.

    317.852.2255 ext. 343
  • Denise McCleese, Director of Strategy and Engagement

    Denise McCleese

    Director of Strategy and Engagement

    Loyal. Dedicated. Loves people and golf.  Used to want to be in the FBI

    317.852.2255 ext. 307
  • Mike Temm, Director of Operations

    Mike Temm

    Director of Operations

    Coffee and cookie addict. Loves combining technology and art each weekend. Recreational photographer.

    317.852.2255 ext. 222
  • Jen Hazel, Executive Assistant

    Jen Hazel

    Executive Assistant

    Friend. World traveler.  How can I help you? Her family is her favorite.

    317.852.2255 ext. 321
  • Marcia Baker, Executive Assistant

    Marcia Baker

    Executive Assistant
    317.852.2255 ext. 322
  • Neil Hinders, Campus Pastor

    Neil Hinders

    Campus Pastor

    Husband, Father, Adventurer, Visionary, Developer, Encourager

  • Beth Hopkins

    Beth Hopkins

    Cheerleader of life. Can’t live without lipstick. Crashed a wedding in Vietnam.

  • Jim Littlejohn

    Jim Littlejohn

    Curious. Addicted to hope. Husband to Marianne.  Fished on the Amazon River.

  • Danielle Robinson

    Danielle Robinson

    Advocate. USMC Mom. Co-founder: Hero Family Outreach for Military/First Responder families.

  • Care Team

    Care Team

  • John Noel

    John Noel

    Energetic. People Person. Live for God's Word and my family.

  • Christa Barker

    Christa Barker

  • Dave Wohlenhaus

    Dave Wohlenhaus

    Organized. Avid disc golfer. Tuba player. Father of 3 daughters. 

  • Wendy Wittl

    Wendy Wittl

    Invested. Innovative. Mom. Passionate about families. Pinterest Enthusiast. Chorizo-Maker. Loves to entertain.

  • Amy Terhune

    Amy Terhune

    Loyal. Reserved. Organized. Family oriented. Golf-enthusiast. Mother of two. Purdue University Grad.

  • Brenda Richardson

    Brenda Richardson

    Loves kids and families. Silly. Relational. Helen Keller's 4th cousin.

  • Heather Frazier

    Heather Frazier

    Extroverted-introvert. Mother of two. Football crazed. Chapstick addict.

  • Kennedy  Krauss

    Kennedy Krauss

    Fun loving. Energetic. People person. Loves adventuring, shopping, tacos, coffee and HGTV.

  • Melissa Melendez

    Melissa Melendez

    Quiet. Mom of boys. Appreciates the small things. Former drummer.

  • Shirlene Skaggs

    Shirlene Skaggs

    Joyful spirit. Wife and mom of 4. Loves avocados and big mugs.

  • Tim Thompson

    Tim Thompson

    Friend. Encourager. Loves to fish, read, and shoot professional fireworks.

  • Childrens Team

    Childrens Team

  • Chris Fowler

    Chris Fowler

    Compassionate. Husband. Father. Ice cream and dad joke enthusiast.

  • Carolyn Hanson,

    Carolyn Hanson

    Researcher. Librarian. Social. Wife of Craig. Grandmother. Has a dog named Stuart Little.

  • Connie McConnell

    Connie McConnell

    Fitness enthusiast. Book lover. Wife. Mom. Love to discover something new everyday.

  • Denise Funkhouser

    Denise Funkhouser

    Thoughtful. Funny. Can't live without Iced Chai Tea Lattes and live music. 

  • Michael Scott

    Michael Scott

    Coffee. Puns. Engaging. Star Wars. Developer. Marvel. Meat. Batman. Hiking. Intentional. Dad.

Community Impact
  • Julie Kirtley

    Julie Kirtley

    Heart for elderly. Stage manager. Connection Pointe born and bred. Former choir director. 

  • Corinne  Gregory

    Corinne Gregory

    Creative. Passionate. Brunch enthusiast. Cannot live without books, liquid eyeliner or dogs. Terrified of sloths.

  • Community Impact Team

    Community Impact Team

  • Aaron Williams

    Aaron Williams

    Husband & Father. Leader. Smash Bros Ace. Can’t live without tea. Had an afro in middle school. Now has no hair.

  • Chris O

    Chris O'Neal

    Father of 4 girls. Can't live without coffee. Has met most of the cast of The Office.

  • Austin Webster

    Austin Webster

    Master of puns. Lover of film. Avid LEGO collector.

  • Erik Thein

    Erik Thein

    Storyteller. Pug Father. Avid Writer. Coffee Enthusiast. 

Facilities & Operations
  • Curtis Dean

    Curtis Dean

    Retired Fire Chief. Met his wife Anita in youth group. Grandpa to 6.

  • Dave Newton

    Dave Newton

    Handyman. Husband. Grandfather. Has seven siblings and two brothers named Jerry. Can't live without Mountain Dew. 

  • Greg Calhoon

    Greg Calhoon

    Happy, Happy, Happy. Dad to 4 little ones. Handyman. Proud soccer dad.

  • Tim Holt, Building and Grounds Supervisor

    Tim Holt

    Building and Grounds Supervisor

    Enthusiastic. Caring. Loves motor sports & camping. Frequently says "Make it look pretty".

  • Tyler Lee

    Tyler Lee

    Husband. Father. Hardworking. Family oriented. Jack of all trades. Played college basketball at Tri-State University.

Finance & HR
  • Brad Deardorff

    Brad Deardorff

    Husband to Christee. Father of 4. Chicago Cubs fan. Heart for adoption. 

  • Sandy Gallatin

    Sandy Gallatin

    Loves spending time with her grandkids. Enjoys hiking and biking.

  • Cindy Krauss

    Cindy Krauss

    Grateful. Proud Mom. Happy Wife. Loves supporting the team.

  • Christina Jansons

    Christina Jansons

    Extroverted-introvert. Kind hearted mom of 2. Hula Dancer.

  • Sarah Brinson

    Sarah Brinson

    Wife and Mom of 2 amazing children! Softball lover. Nacho connoisseur. 

  • Human Resources Team

    Human Resources Team

Global Impact
  • Global Team

    Global Team

  • Teddy  Haubner

    Teddy Haubner

  • Jenn Storey

    Jenn Storey

    Wife. Mama. Design enthusiast. Loves long walks on the beach.

  • Ann Abbott

    Ann Abbott

    Former accountant and registered nurse. She and her husband were the first people married in our current building.

  • Lisa Smith

    Lisa Smith

    Organized. Calm and collected. Enjoys good coffee, reality TV and serving in the mission field.

  • Valerie Enders

    Valerie Enders

    Creative. Animal Lover. Chocolate milk Enthusiast. Member of the Save the Manatee Club.

Production & Technology
  • Scott Boers

    Scott Boers

    Climber. Record collector. Husband. Father. Once had dreadlocks. Has the lego movie entirely memorized. 

  • Brandon Rees

    Brandon Rees

    Spontaneous. Visionary. Picky Eater. Model train builder. Can't live without dogs and black clothes.

  • Jess Jones

    Jess Jones

  • Paul Hand

    Paul Hand

    Comical. PC gamer and guitar player. Once fainted at a K-LOVE Christmas concert

  • Dan Coughlin

    Dan Coughlin

    Husband. Dad. Explorer. Learner. Once chased by an otter.

  • Jenny Bates

    Jenny Bates

    Peppy. Energetic. Lifetime Learner. Outdoor Enthusiast. Voracious reader-over 52 books a year.

  • Garrett Ruhmann

    Garrett Ruhmann

    Father. Husband. Comic Book nerd. Was on the cover of Turtle Magazine as a child.

  • Michael Montanari

    Michael Montanari

    Husband. Father. Nerd. Lives off of Coffee and Hot Sauce.

Small Groups & Adults
  • Craig  Knisley

    Craig Knisley

    Family man. Coach. Traveler.

  • Tom  Evans

    Tom Evans

  • Jenny Young

    Jenny Young

    Adventurous. Antique shopper. Loves strawberries and good conversation. Has heart for Uganda.

  • Dan Crum

    Dan Crum

    Globally connected. Pioneer. Speaks Maasai. Favorite people group – his family.

  • Monica Shelton

    Monica Shelton

    Organized. Wife. Mother. Has degree in Recreation & Sports Management, never played a sport. 

  • Jennifer Carbone

    Jennifer Carbone

    Goofy. Loves traveling and gardening. Can't live without family, laughter, and cats. 

  • Small Groups

    Small Groups

Sports & Fitness
  • Christie Wickline

    Christie Wickline

    Caring. Analytical. Can't live without chocolate. Loves combining Christ and fitness. 

  • Sports & Fitness Team

    Sports & Fitness Team

  • Tony Rogatto

    Tony Rogatto

    Adaptable. Can't live without The Office, a vacuum and a good book. 

  • Neil Hinders, Campus Pastor

    Neil Hinders

    Campus Pastor

    Husband, Father, Adventurer, Visionary, Developer, Encourager

  • Students Team

    Students Team

  • Valerie Sipe

    Valerie Sipe

    Wife to Preston. Ice cream maker. Painter. Has a Masters in Museum Studies.

  • Sean  McCloskey

    Sean McCloskey

  • Ross Brown

    Ross Brown

    Music nerd husband. Dog owner. Nachos. Chocolate Milk.

  • Dan Lidstone, Creative Arts Pastor

    Dan Lidstone

    Creative Arts Pastor

    Tall. American. Married way above level. Loves La Croix and tacos. Skilled badminton player.

    317.852.2255 ext. 343
  • Bri Petrovich

    Bri Petrovich

    Artistic. Extroverted-introvert. Wife. Succulent mom.