Connection Pointe Christian Church


  • John Dickerson, Lead Pastor

    John Dickerson

    Lead Pastor
  • Brian Fike, Chief Financial Officer

    Brian Fike

    Chief Financial Officer

    Former Banker. Grateful husband. Loves his grandchildren.

    317.852.2255 ext. 249
  • Craig Hanson, Executive Pastor of Operations

    Craig Hanson

    Executive Pastor of Operations

    Invests in people. Keeps our focus on the main thing. Leadership resource and reader. From the Land of Lincoln.

    317.852.2255 ext. 298
  • Greg Moore, Executive Pastor of Operations

    Greg Moore

    Executive Pastor of Operations

    Husband. Grandfather. Discipler. Systematic Thinker. Runner. Traveller. Can't live without caffeine. Worked in a candy plant. Played on a HS state championship football team. 

    317.852.2255 ext. 271
  • Laura Basso , Lead Pastor’s Executive Assistant

    Laura Basso

    Lead Pastor’s Executive Assistant

    Compassionate. Loving. Organizer. Has a heart for Swaziland. Has seven grandchildren. Can’t live without her family and coffee.

    317.852.2255 ext. 322
  • Jen Hazel, Executive Assistant

    Jen Hazel

    Executive Assistant

    Truth Teller. Strategist. Always has jelly beans around. World traveler. Started as a Connection Pointe volunteer. Former French teacher. 

    317.852.2255 ext. 321