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5 Things To Do If You Are Feeling Trapped

Craig Knisley

I am an extreme extrovert, so this time of quarantine has been a form of torture for me! I have been working from home and caring for the kids while my wife still goes to her office to work. There are times that I’ve felt like I was trapped. Can you relate to that? Here are 5 things that I have done regularly to help combat the trapped feeling.

1) Connect with God More – I always pray, read my Bible, and worship God through song, but I have increased those practices during this time of quarantine. I’ve done it on a personal level but also on a corporate level. I’ve joined in on the all-church prayer nights on Tuesdays and the worship nights on Thursdays. These have helped me to realize that God is bigger than my problems. He has become the first place I turn. I have also been committed to my small group, which is now meeting digitally. An hour each week I get to connect with others going through the same thing I am. It helps me to realize that we are all in this together. If you aren’t currently in a group, try out one of our new digital groups that have formed.

2) Go Outside – It seems obvious but going outside has helped me overcome the sense of feeling trapped. It’s been amazing to see how I have adjusted my idea of “good weather” for a walk or bike ride. Some days I’m only able to be out for 15 minutes, but it has done wonders for my spirit. As you walk, run, or ride a bike, I encourage you to do it with purpose. Look around. Look for God. Look at the houses and people. Spend time praying for others as you exercise.

3) Binge Watch a Bible Study Series – Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+ only have so much content that I really want to watch. Now I am getting into desperation mode. Instead of binging a new series that you don’t really care about, take some time to watch some of Pastor John’s old messages, or search up a Louie Giglio message on YouTube, or request a Right Now Media account from the church and watch a Bible Study on there.

4) Get Some Family and Friends Together and Play a Game Online – Use the technology at your fingertips to stay connected to family and friends. Connect digitally via Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc. and play a board game together. There are apps available with fun games as well that you can download and play. Our family has been doing this several times a week, and it has helped us not feel stuck, and the laughter has done wonders for us as well.

5) Do Something for Others – Simple acts such as writing handwritten notes or moving a neighbor’s trash can from the curb to the house can go a long way. As I’ve done things for others during quarantine, it helps take the focus off me and my situation.

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