Bring Hope

God wants to use us to bring hope and stability to our neighbors, co-workers and community.

Let’s shine His hope in the darkness of uncertainty that is unfolding for so many of our neighbors. While we can't be together in person, we can bring hope and encouragement - don't isolate yourself, reach out and stay in community.

  • Prayer
    • Prayer is our first line of defense in a time of uncertainty.  God is in control and as Christ followers we have the opportunity to shine His light bright in this time of darkness.  Interceding on behalf of our neighbors, our community, our nation and our world is how we as a church can respond in this time of crisis.  
  • Invite
    • Stop by the church or use the online resources we are providing to invite people in your lives to the weekly livestream, the daily hope devotional and to be part of what God is doing in this unprecedented season at Connection Pointe. 
  • Encourage
    • You likely have neighbors, co-workers and family members who are in need of hope.  Put together a kit of supplies, write them a note, shoot them a text or take them a meal.  Do something simple to encourage them and let them know that you are there, that you care and that you want to help meet needs they may have in this season.  In the church lobby we have books, mugs, bracelets and invites you can pick up.  
  • Food
    • Due to school closures and industries that have displaced workers, the need for supplies and resources in our community will continue to rise.  Click here for a list of community needs including Brownsburg School Corporation. 
  • Need
    • If you would like prayer, someone to talk to, someone to pick up your groceries, or have some other need - please click here or call 317.858.4668. 
  • Ways You're Helping
    • Your generosity is making a huge difference in the lives of so many. To read more about how you're helping, click here to view our Impact Page.