Disability Ministry

The Disability Ministry provides assistance to individuals with disabilities to help them be connected during weekend services and throughout the week.

Ministry to Adults

A Christian companion is ready to help you stay connected.

Weekend Services

  • Communion assistance
  • Assistance taking children to classes
  • Large Print Programs are available at Connection Corner
  • Assistive Listening Devices (Wireless FM Receivers) are available at Connection Corner

Beyond the Weekend

  • Home communion
  • Family-Friendly Monthly Gatherings

Children/Student Inclusion Ministry

Our goal is to have each child/student be successful in their environment with a one-on-one volunteer as needed. We want your child/student to attend any of our children's and student programming. To provide a positive experience for your child/student, parents may request a trained volunteer to work one-on-one with their child or student.

Please let us know what your child's needs are by filling out this form. Our Special Needs Coordinator will contact you to find out how we can best help your child.



Disability Ministry

2nd Friday of the month, 6:30-8 pm
Second Friday, from 01/14/2022 to 03/11/2022, 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

If you have questions or would like more information, contact us at