Global Care Teams

As a church committed to care beyond our campus, Connection Pointe is working to organize a Global Care Team for each of our ministry partners supported by Global Impact. These teams will be led by volunteers and meet regularly as determined by the group. The primary activities of these teams are:

  • Prayer for the global partner they are committed to
  • Learn about them as individuals, families, about their ministries and the country where they reside
  • Engage with them via Skype, FaceTime or other networks at least twice a year to build relations and learn how to better support them.
  • Update them on Connection Pointe, so they know how things are at the church
  • When possible, send a few gifts at Christmas, for birthdays and anniversaries and try to honor simple requests for what they want.
  • Be the primary point of contact at Connection Pointe when the ministry partner is in our area and can visit. This would include help with logistics, housing, and transport
  • Attend care team training when offered at Connection Pointe