Jesus Follower

Jesus Follower

What does it look like to follow Jesus every day? What practices can bring you closer to Jesus and be more like Him, not just gaining knowledge but obeying His teachings? Join us for our new series, Jesus Follower, where we will walk through the spiritual practices that will move us from believer to follower.



We believe that God made you and loves you, and here at Connection Pointe, we want to help you experience Him in your life. Are you ready to dive deeper into your faith and move from believer to follower? We've collected resources to help you do just that! All books are available for checkout at the Connection Pointe library or can be purchased by clicking the title below. With so much we can't control in our world today, choosing to follow God is the one thing you can control.

Discipleship Essentials: A Guide to Building Your Life in Christ - Greg Ogden
The Principle of the Path - Andy Stanley
Celebration of Discipline - Richard J. Foster
Jesus Loves Me - John S. Dickerson