John & His Family

The Kids

Zoey lives true to her name and brings life and laughter wherever she goes. She's eight and loves anything sparkly, glittery, and rainbow. She can get lost in song while coloring a picture, loves to put on little plays for us, and is learning the art of sarcasm in her jokes. She's kind and empathetic and yet always speaks her mind. She loves being a big sister and takes the role very seriously – at least when she's not crossing her eyes and cracking jokes.

Jack is our curious yet cautious, friendly, and funny 10-year-old who prefers his food never be mixed and would rather run than walk. He's the oldest and a natural leader full of hilarious jokes, songs, and dance moves. He feels strongly about justice, good friendships, and the right kind of pizza. 

Evie is our baby who we waited two and a half years for! She is 5 and has an incredible personality. She's shy at first, but once she's comfortable she is full of giggles and squeals. She's hilarious and intuitive, driven, and sensitive. Even at a young age, Evie already demonstrates an unusual optimism and positivity. She completes our crew and is always bringing everyone together for a group hug.  



John & Mel

How did you meet?

We actually met at church when we were in our early 20s. Mel had just returned from a 6-month mission trip in Ukraine, and John had just returned from a shorter mission trip to Belarus. We were each drawn to the others heart to follow Jesus anywhere and serve His people, no matter the cost. We both love good conversation and laughter. We talked late into the night on our first date, and we have spent most evenings since sharing our dreams, fears, and thoughts. 

John's summary of Mel:

Mel is a thirty-something Midwest native who has lived in various places around the world. She loves Jesus, her family, and highly values people and relationships. Mel relaxes by hip hop dancing, discovering different cultures, meeting people, or enjoying a good movie or show. She isn't afraid to laugh at herself or get a whole room laughing. She is passionate about raising the next generation to be loving warriors of grace and truth, who find their full identity and security in Christ. Mel loves all people, including the misfits and rebels. She values courageous vulnerability and transparency. Mel daily models the free receiving and giving of grace. She is the most loyal friend you will ever find and the one you want in your corner for life. 

Mel's summary of John:

It's no secret John would rather read the recent Car and Driver magazine than scroll through Facebook, or eat a plate of nachos than a bowl of ice cream. He'd prefer to unplug at a cottage than go to Disneyland. He loves Jesus with everything in him. He is sincere, authentic, hilarious, and knows how to make people feel like they've known him forever. He is driven, but loves the structure of a good routine. He's smarter than he lets on. He enjoys Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4s, late night chats, and carrying each one of his kiddos up to bed. He loves teaching the Word of God and living in community with believers. He's passionately convinced that the Church is the solution to the world’s greatest problems, and he has committed his life to serve and activate the Church in being Christ's light to a dark world.