Ms Pearl


"When you are in need, $25 goes a long way." - Ms. Pearl

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Ms. Pearl provides Christ-centered daycare for the children of young mothers so they can work and get an education. Her center is in a Roseland, a suburb of Chicago. Roseland is one of the roughest neighborhoods in Chicago and is surrounded by gangs, drugs, murder, and hopelessness. 

The daycare provides all that is needed for the children during the day so there is no excuse for moms to not continue their education or work to support their family.  One of her few requirements is that moms attend Bible Study so they can learn about the Lord. Ms. Pearl is a light in this neighborhood. She believes that with an education, a caring place for their children, and God, these moms can succeed and do great things in life.

Like many other non-profits and businesses, 2020 has been tough on Ms. Pearl and The Roseland Good News Daycare.  Ms. Pearl has faced not only the impact of travel restrictions and fund raiser cancelations, but also a community that has been hit hard financially with many of the jobs relying on the service industry for income. 

Resources have declined, yet children and family needs have increased.  With virtual schooling she has had to increase her capacity and provide e-learning stations and computers for school-aged children. Will you join us in what God is already doing and make a donation of $25 to the work Ms. Pearl is doing in Chicago?