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We believe that healthy schools and healthy churches create healthy communities. Through Connection Pointe’s partnerships with local and area schools, we have the opportunity to impact families and build relationships that transform lives and communities.

School Partnerships

We partner with Clarence Farrington Elementary, located north of the Indianapolis Speedway, and with Brownsburg Community Schools to provide tutoring, staff support, and after-school opportunities.

Clarence Farrington University

Clarence Farrington University opens the doors of Clarence Farrington Elementary in the evenings, Monday through Thursday, to allow families, adults and students to engage academically. Through the educational programming at CFU, the adults and students in the community are offered the tools to grow, learn, connect and become successful.

Pi(e) Day

Not just a day for math nerds! Pi(e) Day is a chance to encourage our community’s educators by providing fresh, homemade pies to each staff member and teacher at our partner schools.

Project: Classroom

We know that being an educator can put a big hit on a personal bank account. To help reduce this cost to teachers and staff, the Connection Pointe family collects wish list items for Clarence Farrington Elementary.

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Family Partnerships

By building relationships with families, we have the opportunity to help when they face difficult circumstances. We provide holiday assistance and ongoing development opportunities to families through our school partnerships.

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Community stories

  • Prayer Guide: Swaziland Trip

    Prayer Guide: Swaziland Trip

    On Saturday, a group from the Connection Pointe family will leave for Swaziland. They will spend time with their sponsored children, visit families, spend time at the care point and assist with checkups for the children and staff. Join us in praying for them each day, using this daily guide.

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  • Dear Parents, Seize the Summer!

    Dear Parents, Seize the Summer!

    Don't wish it away, or make it too full to enjoy. Slow down. Seize the summer, friends. After all, it's just a phase -- so don't miss it!

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  • Pie Day!

    Pie Day!

    For the fifth year, the Connection Pointe family is showing appreciation to area teachers for all of their hard work and dedication through Pie Day! Here's the story of Pie Day from one teacher's perspective, and how it brought her to Connection Pointe.

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