New Look

Say hello to our new logo.

Our mission at Connection Pointe is connecting you to Jesus and each other. As part of this mission we're launching a new look for Connection Pointe, including our logo. We loved our old logo, and look, and know many felt the same, but we are reflecting our value of always improving for His glory.


Every church has a unique way it expresses and carries itself. Our identify is formed through the combination of five attributes, each adding to the psychological makeup of the brand.

We are excellent inviters, encouragers, change-makers, and stewards who do whatever it takes to keep improving for the sake of helping others. We see a multi-generational church that maximizes and multiplies disciples.

We are real to connect people to Jesus and each other with the goal of helping people follow Jesus daily. Come, find your place in what God is already doing.

We offer smart tangible resources and ways to grow, measured by ongoing gatherings, groups, and serving. You are seen, and your story matters.

We lovingly invite and integrate participation to live our values and connect God to people’s most pressing needs.

Rooted biblically in a 180+ year history and countless stories of life and community transformation, we hope that who we are is worth sharing as we see a constant parade of changed lives and continual growth.

Our look may be updated, but our mission and vision remain unchanged.

It's still us.
Christ is the Head of our church.
His Word is our guide.
His Spirit is our power.

We're excited, more than ever, to fulfill the vision God has called us to. Thank you for faithfully pursuing His mission and vision with us.