Resident Experiences


Examples of experiences residents will engage in during their two years:

  • Lead a small group
  • Plan a service/event
  • Lead a ministry team training/meeting
  • Lead a prayer meeting
  • Develop and present a leadership lesson
  • Design a ministry system/process
  • Engage a new believer/ teach in a New Believer's environment
  • Have a conflict resolution conversation with a volunteer or co-worker
  • Find a creative solution for a "problem" for the church
  • Give a message/devotional
  • Visit another church to experience being a first time guest

Additional potential experiences:

  • Lead a group through communion
  • Shadow (or perform) a counseling session
  • Perform a baptism
  • Plan a budget for a ministry area or event
  • Make a hospital visit
  • Perform (or shadow) a wedding
  • Shadow a funeral
  • Shadow a pre-marital counseling session