Heaven on Earth When it Really Hurts | John S. Dickerson

Kings & Queens | Message 1 of 4

February 1 & 4, 2024 | John Dickerson, Lead Pastor

We've all felt the sting of unmet expectations, whether it's in your marriage, with a coworker, or with someone you're dating, but how do you respond when your expectations for good are met with hurt and harm? In this message, Pastor John brings biblical wisdom for the relationships you care about.

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Kings & Queens

Have you ever felt like your marriage or immediate relationships are teetering on the edge of hopelessness? Do you desire to set your home on a path of success, breaking free from the mistakes of the past? In this series, we will unravel the complexities of relationships and unveil a profound truth: when Christ is at the helm of your home, transformation becomes possible.

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