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Welcome to the small group resource page! We are so glad you are here. This is your first stop in getting up-to-date information for your small group. Please check regularly for your study content, upcoming events and additional resources. Thank you for all you do to connect your small group community to Jesus and each other!




Have you signed up to host a new group? Here are some next steps to complete before your first meeting!

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  • Denise McCleese, Director of Strategy and Engagement

    Denise McCleese

    Director of Strategy and Engagement

    Loyal. Dedicated. Loves people and golf.  Used to want to be in the FBI

    317.852.2255 ext. 307
  • Matt Curts, Adult Groups Director

    Matt Curts

    Adult Groups Director

    Analytical. Visionary. Husband. Father of Four. Brownsburg native. Loves sweater vests. 

    317.852.2255 ext. 240
  • Monica Shelton, Lay Ministry Specialist & Assistant to Denise McCleese

    Monica Shelton

    Lay Ministry Specialist & Assistant to Denise McCleese

    Organized. Wife. Mother. Has degree in Recreation & Sports Management, never played a sport. 

    317.852.2255 ext. 326
  • Drew Hildenbrand, Adults Pastor

    Drew Hildenbrand

    Adults Pastor

    Hilary's lesser half. Father of five. Book worm. Former Great Lakes Region lifeguard champion.

    852.2255 ext. 254
  • Kayla  McCoy, Small Group Outreach

    Kayla McCoy

    Small Group Outreach