Momentum: Maximize and Multiply Jesus Followers

“Maximize” means to get the most out of. We want this for you and every follower of Jesus in our movement—to get the most out of your relationship with God.

We also want this for our church. We are committed to “Maximize” God’s work in our Brownsburg campus—making the most of this facility and movement.

“Multiply” means just that. As we maximize what God has given us, we expect Him to “Multiply” our number, our impact in this world, and our physical gatherings around Central Indiana.

We are three years into a 30-year ministry cycle, and our physical campus is thriving. Over the next 27 years, we are asking God to keep us healthy and then multiply our physical gatherings around Central Indiana—so that we connect more people to Jesus in life-changing ways.

We do not have an artificial timeline for future locations. Instead, we have a Spirit-led belief that God will open impossibly big doors when it’s His time for our physical footprint to grow.

Until then, our work is to “Maximize” our people and ministries, making much of Jesus and expecting God to lead, provide and do more than we could ask or imagine in cities and counties across Central Indiana.

Jesus commands us to “go” and “make disciples.” That is to “go” from where we are and train up more followers of Jesus. We are committed to obeying this command, expecting God to eventually overflow our first physical campus into additional gatherings.