Connection Pointe Christian Church

Connection Pointe Christian Church


  • Project Classroom 2017 Celebration

    Project Classroom 2017 Celebration

    This summer, the Connection Pointe family helped the Clarence Farrington teachers and staff prepare for the school year, by providing some of their top needs. Thanks to you, over 600 items were donated, and 60 teachers received supplies. Take a look at the celebration when they received their gifts.

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  • From The Good Neighbor Garden

    From The Good Neighbor Garden

    Good things are growing in the Good Neighbor Garden! Read on for how it is providing fresh produce to families in need and how you can help!

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  • Project Classroom 2017

    Project Classroom 2017

    Many teachers are already planning for another school year, and all of them use a lot of their own money setting up their classroom and getting the tools they need to help their students succeed. Read on for how you can help bless and encourage the teachers and staff at Clarence Farrington Elementary again this year!

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  • Pie Day!

    Pie Day!

    For the fifth year, the Connection Pointe family is showing appreciation to area teachers for all of their hard work and dedication through Pie Day! Here's the story of Pie Day from one teacher's perspective, and how it brought her to Connection Pointe.

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  • Paying it Forward in The Neighborhood

    Paying it Forward in The Neighborhood

    Read the story of one family, who received winter coats and Christmas gifts for their children last year, are paying it forward by volunteering this year and the impact it is having in their lives.

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  • What Tutoring Taught Me

    What Tutoring Taught Me

    Several Connection Pointe students have been serving by tutoring students in the Indianapolis area. Here is the bigger lesson that one student learned while helping elementary students with their schoolwork.

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  • Behind the Scenes: Project Classroom

    Behind the Scenes: Project Classroom

    Here's a look at how the generosity of the Connection Pointe family has helped to encourage and support the staff of Clarence Farrington Elementary, as they prepare for a new school year.

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  • Adopt-A-Family 2015

    Adopt-A-Family 2015

    Information on opportunities to serve the Brownsburg and Indianapolis area this holiday season, show the love of Jesus and spread the joy that comes from serving His name.

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  • Serving and Growing this Holiday Season

    Serving and Growing this Holiday Season

    We're getting excited about the many opportunities to serve our community in the upcoming holiday season. Read on for the three things that often keep us from serving, and how we can overcome them.

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  • Grace in a Messy World

    Grace in a Messy World

    In the last two years, we've been blessed to work with The Salvation Army in reaching Indianapolis men who are broken, struggling and in need of healing. We've seen 121 men baptized into Christ due to this partnership, and we're excited about some incredible goals through 2016. Read on for an update from this ministry and opportunities to get involved in the Community Impact Team.

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