Connection Pointe Christian Church

Connection Pointe Christian Church


  • A Family Trip to Roseland

    A Family Trip to Roseland

    In 2016, Connection Pointe sent families to serve in Roseland for the first time. March 23 - 26, nine adults and 10 children will be returning to the community of South Chicago to work alongside Ms. Pearl. Here's just one story about the impact of serving as a family.

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  • Pie Day!

    Pie Day!

    For the fifth year, the Connection Pointe family is showing appreciation to area teachers for all of their hard work and dedication through Pie Day! Here's the story of Pie Day from one teacher's perspective, and how it brought her to Connection Pointe.

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  • Choosing Compassion

    Choosing Compassion

    Lord, help us hold on to our own plans loosely and submit to Yours. Help us to love others well and radiate Your love and compassion today.

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  • Paying it Forward in The Neighborhood

    Paying it Forward in The Neighborhood

    Read the story of one family, who received winter coats and Christmas gifts for their children last year, are paying it forward by volunteering this year and the impact it is having in their lives.

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  • What Tutoring Taught Me

    What Tutoring Taught Me

    Several Connection Pointe students have been serving by tutoring students in the Indianapolis area. Here is the bigger lesson that one student learned while helping elementary students with their schoolwork.

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  • The Smartest Person in the Room

    The Smartest Person in the Room

    The theme for our series, "Healthy Churches," has been this: Move out of your comfort zone, so you can learn from others and serve others. Let's all go beyond our city, tribes and perspective, and open ourselves up to some new ideas.

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  • Live Loved Today

    Live Loved Today

    The people of God love because they are loved. Let's remember those words today. Let’s push against the darkness and let the light in. Let's live like we are loved, starting today.

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  • How To Be Great

    How To Be Great

    The world tells us to look out for ourselves. To focus on power, prestige and possessions, but God has shaped us for more ... for service.

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  • "All-In" Service

    "All-In" Service

    What door is God opening, right now, that would allow you to use your experiences, talents, passion and love for Him to serve others? Take a step in that direction today!

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  • Global Trips: A Student

    Global Trips: A Student's Perspective

    With many groups leaving Connection Pointe to serve this summer, here's a look at one high school student's experience visiting her sponsor child, serving in Guatemala and the impact it had on her life.

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