Connection Pointe Christian Church

Small Groups

Why Small Groups?

At Connection Pointe, we want you to grow in your relationship with Jesus. By taking part in a small group, you’ll have intentional relationships with others and together you will learn biblical truth. As you live out these truths, you will show the love of Christ to those in your circle of influence.

What is a Small Group?

A small group is a community of people that cares for one another, meets each other’s needs, shares, prays and studies God’s Word together. As a small group, you will learn how to live on mission together and show the love of Christ to the community around you.

How Do I Get Involved In A Small Group?

Join us for the Small Group Informational meeting on Sunday, June 2nd at 11:15am in the B100. 

Small Group Informational Meeting

How do I become a Small Group Leader?

Leading a small group is a great way to encourage and challenge others and experience spiritual growth. Being a leader calls for a high level of commitment but allows you to make an important impact on those in the group. We believe that everyone in community has something to contribute to the group and the leader can encourage group members to use their gifts of hospitality, teaching, administration, prayer and more! We support our leaders by offering training, resources, prayer and conversation. Many leaders start groups in their neighborhoods, workplaces or with others with similar interests. If you are thinking of starting a small group, we’d love to hear from you!   

If you would like to take a next step into leadership or have any questions, please contact Monica Shelton.