Momentum: Raise the Strongest Generation

Our kids' and grandkids' success, freedom, and spiritual wellbeing lie at the center of our vision and calling as a church. Young people today face a divided and turbulent world. But God has prepared us as a church to raise a generation who know their identity in Jesus and thrive.

We have a proven legacy of raising students to be devoted followers of Jesus. We've invested millions into our Kid City and Student ministries, and God has blessed us. Today a generation of Connection Pointe kids have grown up and are living for Jesus as doctors, teachers, entrepreneurs, missionaries, attorneys, coaches, moms and dads in every walk of life—living out God's character with compassion, love and integrity.

We resolve to keep building on this legacy. We will add deeper training and experiences for our kids and students to help them thrive as Christians in a world increasingly opposed to their faith, freedom and wellbeing.

With Momentum, we will add layers of "worldview training," Biblical literacy, and identity formation to ground our young people in a spinning world.

Our vision for Worldview Training will, in time, offer every K-12 student in our church specialized experiences and training to prepare them for the world they will inherit. This vision weaves mission trips, serving experiences, and Christian identity formation with Biblical worldview education and real-world conversations about cultural and moral challenges.

We will follow our high school graduates through their college years and into their 20's with continued opportunities to affirm their faith, ask questions in safe places, be strengthened by others in their generation and experience Christ in every stage of their life.

Nationwide, 2-in-3 young people raised in Christian homes are quitting Christianity by age 29. We are committed to doing all we can to end that trend. Our church has defied these national averages, but now is no time to coast on yesterday's success.

Our vision is to follow every kindergartener in our church all the way to age 29, doing everything in our power to continue being a church that defies the national trend. This will not happen by accident but by great investment and intentionality.

We step into this vision in faith, believing that God will form hearts and shape minds.