Here at Connection Pointe, our mission is to connect people to Jesus and each other, so we’d love to welcome your friends, coworkers, family, and neighbors. And we want to make the step of inviting someone a little easier!

How to Invite

Below are three ways to spread hope in our community by inviting your friends and neighbors to church.


Have someone specific in mind that you’d like to invite? Reach out to them and ask them to watch live with you or send them a link to a past message that was encouraging to you.



Follow us on social media and share posts and our Facebook Live weekend services that are encouraging to you. Use the caption to invite your friends and followers to watch a service. You can also use the shareable invites below to post to your feed.



Let your friends know you are watching. Share the link to our livestream to your social media. 


Having the Conversation

Wondering how to even start the conversation? Share your heart, be humble and ask God to give you the right words. Use some of these words as inspiration to get the conversation started:

  • "Hi____, 

    I have been praying for you this week! I miss seeing you at (work, the gym, small group, dog park...) and hope that you are staying safe and encouraged!

    Connection Pointe is having online services each weekend. I'll be watching during the 11:15am service and I thought it would be fun if we watched at the same time. You can check out the other times here:"

  • "Church at Connection Pointe is still happening! Check out the times at and let me know which service you will be watching. I’d love to join you online!"

  • "I'm showing up to church online in my pajamas, with coffee in my hand this morning. I have been so encouraged by staying connected to community in this way, and I hope it can be the same for you. Want to join me at or on Facebook @connectionpointe?"

Shareable Invites

Use these images below to invite a friend via social media, text or email. Press and hold the images to save to your phone. On desktop, right-click and save the image.