Connection Pointe Christian Church

Pointe Men

Every man at Connection Pointe is a Pointe Man.  All Pointe Men are challenged to Man Up and lead.  By being on fire for Christ and leading where you are, you can be a part of creating an army of men following Jesus.  

 The Journey

All Pointe Men are called to walk with Christ, equipped to live like Christ and sent to work for Christ.  The Journey helps every Pointe Man live out that definition of disciple, regardless of where they are involved in the church.

The Journey to Biblical Manhood isn’t a program, curriculum or event, but a process and long-term framework to support Pointe Men on their journey to…

  • grow as disciples
  • be disciple makers
  • transform their heart
  • figure out what it means to be a man by Biblical standards 

The Journey to Biblical Manhood is made up of different challenges.  We are currently in Challenge #2:  Building a Firm Foundation in the Faith.  To find out more or start the challenge with us, contact Brandon Faust.